kyra-bio-204x293 Dr Kyra Hamilton has over 25 years’ experience in the health field and is Senior Lecturer, School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University, Australia. Her main areas of research are Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine with particular interests in health behaviour motivation and change. Dr Hamilton has won national and international awards for her research and is Chief Investigator on national competitive, industry, and internal grant funded projects. She is Associate Editor Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being and Executive Editor Health Psychology Bulletin. She is also Editorial Board member British Journal of Health Psychology, Stress & Health, Frontiers in Psychology (Social and Personality Psychology), and European Health Psychologist. Dr Hamilton is the State Chair (Queensland) of the Australian Psychological Society College of Health Psychologists and the Australian National Delegate to the European Health Psychology Society. See moreContact

Lab Manager

jk Jacob Keech is a PhD candidate in the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University. He has a background in health psychology and has worked on a number of health-related projects including projects with Dr Hamilton investigating pre-drinking alcohol consumption in university students, and also water safety behaviours. Jacob’s PhD research is exploring how stress mindset (the extent to which stress is believed to have enhancing or debilitating outcomes) influences physical and psychological wellbeing. Jacob is the Student Representative for the Queensland section of the Australian Psychological Society College of Health Psychologists. Contact

Postgraduate Researchers


danbrown Daniel Brown (Clinical PhD)

Thesis title: Predicting health behaviour: application of a multi-theory, dual-phase model and the role of past behaviour
Daniel is currently completing his Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology with a research focus in Health Psychology. Daniel’s PhD focuses on testing a multi-phase, multi-theory model of health behaviour across a number of populations and health behaviours. Daniel is particularly interested in understanding what components of habit, as an automatic process, significantly predict and explain health behaviour. Through his clinical psychology training Daniel has developed a range of applied skills across the lifespan. Daniel has also been involved in a range of research projects using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in areas such as: teaching and learning, understand the interplay of multiple health behaviours, and has been involved with a systematic review.

jk Jacob Keech (Research PhD)  WebsiteEmail

Thesis title: The influence of stress mindset on stress-related outcomes: a dual-systems approach

FullSizeRender Stephanie Smith (Research PhD)

Thesis title: Promoting parental supervision of oral self-care in young children: development and evaluation of a self-regulatory intervention
Stephanie Smith has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and is currently a PhD Candidate in the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University. Stephanie has a strong interest in the use of psychological principles for improving people’s lives. Specifically, her PhD research aims to increase the uptake of oral self-care behaviours in young children, which is imperative for healthy teeth and gums throughout life.

Nicole Trewick (Clinical PhD)
Thesis title: Performance and the psychological experience of exercise within a virtual reality environment


Kaitlyn Cole (Masters of Organisational Psychology)
Thesis title: Protective factors against burnout in Queensland police officers
Aaron Kirkpatrick (Masters of Clinical Psychology)
Thesis title: The role of self-efficacy and normative support on parental supervision of their young child’s oral health behaviours
Heather Ng (Masters of Organisational Psychology)
Thesis title: Investigating sleep hygiene behaviours and work performance among  Australian and Hong Kong university students


Candice Fenner (Bachelor of Psychology Honours)
Thesis title: Drinking and swimming: investigating message framing in a temporal and self-regulation context
James Rowe (Bachelor of Psychology Honours)
Thesis title: Grit-effort and self–discipline as predictors of effort and attendance rates in bootcamps: a mediation analysis
Amelia-Jane Savage (Bachelor of Psychology Honours)
Thesis title: Predicting bootcamp attendance: investigating the interactive effects of planning and habit
Caitlin Wendt (Bachelor of Psychology Honours)
Thesis title: Using a reflective impulsive model to investigate binge drinking in university students

Research Assistants

Daniel Demant (Research Assistant, supported by the Royal Life Saving Society – Australia)
Jacqueline Hall (Research Assistant, volunteer)
Kailas Jenkins (Research Assistant, volunteer)
Karan Lal (Research Assistant, volunteer)
Nathan Santinella (Research Assistant, volunteer)

Adjunct Members

MHagger.png Prof Martin Hagger is a John Curtin Distinguished Professor in the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology at Curtin University, Australia. He is also a Finland Distinguished Professor (FiDiPro) in the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Prof Hagger is external supervisor for PhD students Jacob Keech and Daniel Brown, and is a principal collaborator on a range of HaPI research projects in the areas of health behaviour motivation and change, drowning prevention, and stress and health (see Projects page).  
SOrbell Prof Sheina Orbell is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at University of Essex, UK. Prof Orbell is external supervisor for Honours student Candice Fenner, and is a key collaborator on a range of HaPI research projects in the area of health behaviour motivation and change (see Projects page).    
RalfSchwarzer Prof Ralf Schwarzer is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany and a Professor at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland. Prof Schwarzer is external supervisor for PhD student Stephanie Smith, and is a key collaborator on a range of HaPI research projects in the area of health behaviour motivation and change (see Projects page).

Affiliate Members

Dana-Maree Buffett (supported by the Griffith Honours College Mentoring Program)
Dr Yulius Yusak Ranimpi 
(supported by the Alumni Professional Development Program)
Julia Robertson
 (supported by the Griffith Staff Giving Buddy Program)

Alumni and Past Members

PhD Students
Dr Urska Arnautovska
Dr Eloise Cowie
Dr Tatjana Dordic
Masters Students
Emma Burton (Curtin University)
Emily Fraser
Vanina Marietti
Hanna Schmidt
Nadine Trost (Curtin University)
Honours Students
Jason Bishara 
Mikaela Bonham
Stephen Cornish
Kaamna Deo
Isabelle Gibbs
Joanne Henderson
Marti Pearson
Shelby Price
Madeleine Ray
Teagan Spinks
Caitlin Vayro
Research Assistants and Visiting Researchers
Michael Jauch (Research Assistant, volunteer)
Ryan Pearson (Research Assistant, supported by the Kungullanji Summer Research Program 2016)
Peiyun Wu (Research Assistant, supported by the Health Dean (Research) Summer Scholarship Program 2016)