About Us

Health and Psychology Innovations (HaPI) is the research laboratory of Professor Kyra Hamilton. The lab is located in the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. HaPI researchers undertake innovative and cutting-edge research in the fields of heath psychology and behavioural medicine to provide new ideas and important discoveries. An expanded range of health behaviour research is undertaken, all with the overarching aim of understanding the social psychological processes and mechanisms that underpin human health behaviour and health behaviour change. To achieve this aim, HaPI researchers conduct the four types of activity applicable to research and development (pure basic research, strategic research, applied research, and experimental development). In conducting their research, HaPI researchers use a range of methods including qualitative methods (e.g., interviews, focus groups), quantitative methods (e.g., correlational and longitudinal designs, experimental studies), and systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The lab holds regular meetings (HaPI Hour) to discuss advances and debates in the field and present ideas and plan for future projects.

The broad foci of HaPI include:

  • Understanding the role of social psychological factors associated with health-related behaviour
  • Developing interventions to intervene to change health behaviour
  • Engaging individuals and communities in their own health
  • Using existing networks to promote health
  • Collaborating with leading national and international researchers and partnering with key organisations to address priority health problems and answer important questions
  • Disseminating research findings to the public, key stakeholders, and policymakers
  • Translating research evidence into practice and policy
  • Adopting open science practices to make our research, data, and dissemination accessible to¬†all levels of an inquiring society
  • Supporting and creating a diverse research environment and culture that embraces inclusion and contributes to the overall cross-cultural collaborative and innovative atmosphere of the lab.
  • Mentoring research students and early-career researchers on programs of research in health psychology and behavioural medicine and in career development
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