HaPI Lab 2018 End of Year Celebration at South Bank Parklands in Brisbane.




Lovely dinner at EHPS 2018 in Galway with dear friends Professor Sheina Orbell and Dr Fuschia Sirois.






Lovely dinner with Professor Jim Sallis, Dr Nicola Burton, discussing everything from kids schooling to open access publication in the wonderful city of Brisbane in July 2018.





Having a celebratory drink in HaPI Hour with the lovely Dr Theda Radtke from University of Zurich, who presented her research to the Health and Psychology Innovations (HaPI) Research Lab on “Health Behaviour Change of Young People and Families” in June 2018.




Professor Sheina Orbell from University of Essex who visited the HaPI Lab in May 2018 enjoying the sites of Brisbane with Dr Kyra Hamilton and her children, Matthew and Ella.





HaPI Lab members and collaborators enjoying New Orleans cuisine after a day presenting at the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) Annual Meeting in April 2018. From left: Dr Rebecca Acabchuk, Prof Ryan Rhodes, Prof Blair Johnson, Prof Martin Hagger, Jacob Keech, Dr Kyra Hamilton, Dr Chunqing Zhang, and Dr Derwin Chan.






The HaPI Lab team with Professor Martin Hagger at the first HaPI Hour for 2018.






Dr Kyra Hamilton enjoying a traditional Finnish dinner with keynote presenter Professor Gerjo Kok and delegates at the 2017 National Health Psychology Conference in Helsinki, Finland.




HaPI CHP 2017.jpg


HaPI researchers Daniel Brown, Stephanie Smith, Dr Kyra Hamilton and Jacob Keech at the 2017 ASBHM/APS College of Health Psychologists Conference in July 2017.



Horse Races_HK
Dr Kyra Hamilton visiting the horse races in Hong Kong with Hong Kong Baptist University hosts Professor Pak-Kwong Chung and Dr Chunqing Zhang in June 2017.





Dr Kyra Hamilton presenting on the processes impacting parents’ behaviour for their young childrens’ health at Hong Kong Baptist University in June 2017.






HaPI researchers Jacob Keech, Professor Martin Hagger, and Dr Kyra Hamilton presenting research investigating how beliefs about the nature of stress (stress mindset) influence health and performance outcomes at the 2016 International Congress of Behavioral Medicine in Melbourne, Australia.







HaPI researchers Dr Kyra Hamilton and Jacob Keech presenting a two-phase mixed-method study on the processes underpinning decisions to avoid driving through floodwater at the 2016 International Congress of Behavioral Medicine in Melbourne, Australia.

2016 HaPI Honours students Stephen Cornish, Shelby Price, Isabelle Gibbs and Kaamna Deo celebrating after thesis submission with Dr Kyra Hamilton and Jacob Keech.

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