Measures and Materials

Oral Hygiene Intervention

Smith, S.R., Kroon, J., Schwarzer, R. and Hamilton, K. A health action process approach intervention to promote regular parental supervised toothbrushing (in prep).

Hand Hygiene Intervention

Smith, S. R., Hagger, M. S., Keech, J. J., Moyers, S. A., & Hamilton, K. (2021). Improving hand hygiene behavior using a novel theory-based intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied (in press).

Changing Driver Behaviour During Floods

Hamilton, K., Keech, J. J., Peden, A. E., & Hagger, M. S. (2021). Changing driver behavior during floods: Testing a novel e-health intervention using implementation imagery. Safety Science, 136, Article 105141.

Changing Stress Mindset

Keech, J. J., Hagger, M. S., & Hamilton, K. (2021). Changing stress mindsets with a novel imagery intervention: A randomized controlled trial. Emotion, 21, 123-136.

Stress Control Mindset Measure (SCMM)

Keech, J. J., Orbell, S., Hagger, M. S., O’Callaghan, F. V., & Hamilton, K. (2021;2020;). Psychometric properties of the stress control mindset measure in university students from australia and the UK. Brain and Behavior, 11(2), e01963-n/a.  

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Swimming Competence Questionnaire for Children

Derwin K. C. Chan , Alfred Sing Yeung Lee , Duncan J. Macfarlane , Martin S.
Hagger & Kyra Hamilton. (2020). Validation of the swimming competence questionnaire for children. Journal of Sports Sciences, 38, 1666-1673, DOI: 10.1080/02640414.2020.1754724
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Pilot for a Workplace Physical Activity Intervention

Hamilton, K., Fraser, E., & Hannan, T. (2019). Habit-based workplace physical activity intervention: A pilot study. Occupational Medicine, 69, 471–474.

Single-item Physical Activity Measure

Hamilton, K., White, K. M., & Cuddihy, T. (2012). Using a single-item physical activity measure to describe and validate parents’ physical activity patterns. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 83, 340-345.

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