Meta-analyses and Systematic Reviews

Current Projects

  • Effects of reappraising stress and anxiety-related arousal on wellbeing and performance outcomes: A meta-analysis and proposal of a new model (view study registration)
  • Implicit and explicit attitudes: Meta-analysis and test of a process model (view study registration)
  • Beliefs about treatment and illness: A meta-analysis (view study registration) (view study material)
  • Longitudinal tests of the Theory of Planned Behavior: Meta-analysis  (view study registration)
  • Testing the replicability of the Theory of Planned Behavior: A large-scale multi-sample registered replication study (view study material)
  • Trait self-control and social cognitive predictors of health behavior: Meta-analysis (view study registration)
  • Social cognition determinants of drowning preventive behaviours: Meta-analysis
  • The role of personality on behaviour: Meta-analysis
  • Social cognition determinants of preventive behaviours for respiratory infections: Meta-analysis and test of a process model
  • Social cognition determinants of COVID-19 preventive behaviours: Meta-analysis and test of a process model
  • The longitudinal effects of incarceration on prisoner self-control and behaviours: A systematic literature review
  • Digital behaviour change interventions after stroke: A systematic literature review
  • Social cognition correlates of self-management behaviors in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia: A meta-analytic review
  • Illness and treatment beliefs and health outcomes in chronic pain: A meta-analysis
  • Social cognitive predictors of oral hygiene behaviour in pregnant women: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Capturing stress processes using mobile phone-based intensive longitudinal methods: A scoping review
  • Towards an understanding of health behaviour maintenance in complex behaviours: A scoping review

Health Behaviour Motivation and Change

Current Projects 

Child and Family Health

  • Improving caregiver oral self-care and healthy dietary habits for young Indigenous children: Developing a culturally specific health promotion model
  • Understanding parents’ beliefs and behaviours towards managing their children’s chronic diseases and how management style influences parental health and well-being
  • Autonomous motivation for physical activity in secondary school students in physical education and in out-of-school context
  • Investigating pregnant women’s oral hygiene behaviours and associated social psychological factors
  • Investigating children’s explicit and implicit health cognitions in varied health behaviours
  • Developing and delivering a physical activity intervention for sedentary parent-child dyads

Adult and Ageing Health

  • The role of motivational (e.g., intention, attitude), volitional (e.g., planning, self-monitoring), and implicit (e.g., implicit beliefs, habit, cue consistency) processes on multiple health behaviours and in varied populations
  • Mindsets, individual differences, coping, and health
  • Investigating the effects of incarceration on prisoner self-control
  • The role of health literacy on health behaviours
  • Using virtual reality to enhance performance and improve health behaviour engagement
  • The mediating role of socio-structural and dispositional factors on behaviour
  • Investigating socio-structural and social cognition factors on health behaviours including: e-cigarette use, risky e-scooter behaviours, online gambling, alcohol use, physical activity, healthy eating, sleep

Health in Workplaces 

  • The role of habits in improving movement throughout the workday among sedentary officer workers
  • Predicting intrinsic motivation in professionals operating in commanding and pressuring environments
  • Using existing workplace networks to deliver brief health behaviour change interventions

Environmental Heath

  • Exploring beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour change in response to the ban on single-use plastic bags in retail outlets in Queensland and Western Australia, Australia
  • Psychological effects of a container deposit scheme in Queensland, Australia

Accident and Injury Prevention

Current Projects 

  • Identifying the psychological and environmental correlates of parents’ enrolment behaviours in learn to swim lessons for their young children
  • Understanding consumers’ knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes toward portable pool compliance and safety behaviours
  • Understanding risk taking behaviours in young males around water
  • Investigating the physical and mental health impacts of recues on the rescuer
  • Using virtual reality and eye tracking to examine people’s decisions to drive into floodwater

Stress and Health

Current Projects 

  • Understanding how beliefs about stress (stress mindset) influence health and performance outcomes
  • Do you have a secret? Understanding the impact of silent stressors on health
  • Development and validation of a state-based measure of coping
  • Establishing the temporal sequence of a stress beliefs model: A longitudinal mixed methods study

Learning and Teaching Innovations

Current Projects

  • Investigating the role of planning and self-monitoring to improve student engagement in online learning
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