Dr Kyra Hamilton


Dr Hamilton has psychology and nursing qualifications and over 25 years’ experience in the health field. She is a Senior Lecturer, School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University and Menzies Health Institution Queensland, Queensland; and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology and Speech Pathology and Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine (HPBM) Research Group, Curtin University, Western Australia. Her main areas of research are Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine with particular interests in health behaviour motivation and change, accident and injury prevention, stress and health, and teaching and learning innovations. Dr Hamilton applies social-cognitive and motivational theories to understand and intervene to change people’s health- and risk-related behaviours, focusing particularly on behaviours of national and international importance (e.g., physical activity, nutrition, sun safety, alcohol consumption, oral hygiene, patient safety, drowning prevention). She focuses on how psychological factors such as beliefs, attitudes, social support and norms, self-efficacy, self-regulation, habit, and motivation affect people’s behaviour and what individuals, healthcare professionals, and policy makers can do to intervene to change health- and risk-related behaviours. She is particularly interested in understanding the multiple effects of motivational, volitional, and automatic processes on health behaviour and applying integrative models of behaviour change. Dr Hamilton has won national and international awards for her research and is Chief Investigator on national competitive, industry, and internal grant funded projects. She is Associate Editor Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being and Executive Editor Health Psychology Bulletin. She is also Editorial Board member British Journal of Health Psychology, Stress & Health, Frontiers in Psychology (Social and Personality Psychology), and European Health Psychologist. Dr Hamilton is the State Chair (Queensland) of the Australian Psychological Society College of Health Psychologists (APS-CHP), the Australian National Delegate to the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS), and founder and director of the Health and Psychology Innovations (HaPI) research laboratory.