EHPS Conference Award – Dr Jacob Keech

HaPI Lab graduate Dr Jacob Keech has been awarded the 2021 Herman Schaalma PhD Award at the European Health Psychology Society Annual Conference. The Herman Schaalma Award is awarded annually to acknowledge a PhD dissertation in the field of health psychology of outstanding excellence in terms of originality, significance and rigour. The award aims to highlight excellence in PhD level research and to reinforce early career researchers to address key challenges in health psychology and adopt novel and rigorous theory and methodology. Dr Keech’s PhD thesis—The Influence of Stress Mindset on Health and Performance: Advancing Theory, Measurement, and Intervention—was conferred in 2019 and was supervised by A/Prof Kyra Hamilton, Prof Martin Hagger, and A/Prof Fran O’Callaghan. Dr Keech’s thesis contained four peer-reviewed publications published in Annals of Behavioral MedicineEmotionBrain & Behavior, and Psychology & Health.

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